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liquid cooled miner/oil cooled miner ASIC SHA-256 Microbt Whatsminer M31s+ M31S 70-82T For BTC Bitcoin Miner

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Whatsminer
Model Number: M31S 70T~82T
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 stages
Price: $7000-$10000/Negotiable
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 7~14 work days
Payment Terms: USDT
Supply Ability: 100 PIECES/DAY
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Detail Information

Brand: Whatsminer Model: M31S
Algorithm: SHA-256 Rated Hashrate: 70~82TThash/s±5%
Rated Power: 3220W~3772W Production Currency: BTC
Working Temperature: -5℃~35℃ Mining Machine Type: ASIC
Material: Metal Country Of Origin: China
Condition: New/Used Shape: Rectangle
Cooling Type: Fan Encryption: Yes

Product Description


liquid cooled miner/oil cooled miner ASIC SHA-256 Microbt Whatsminer M31s+ M31S 70-82T For BTC Bitcoin Miner



Transformation of liquid cooled miner/oil cooled miner:


The traditional air cooled mining machine can be transformed into a liquid cooled or oil cooled mining machine to truly isolate noise and realize "silent mining". because

The reformed mining machine does not use fan, water curtain and fan to dissipate heat, but uses liquid velocity to carry away heat energy. If

If family conditions permit, mining can be carried out at home without disturbing residents.

Liquid cooled or oil cooled miners do not need to consider power supply, and all types of miners can operate under this liquid cooled or oil cooled system. It can

The temperature of the mining machine is controlled by the water volume and flow rate to make the mining machine run more smoothly and

Avoid wire breakage due to high temperature. At the same time, with modified silicone paper, the mining machine can be overclocked


Because the liquid cooled special oil can insulate the mining machine and prevent the mining machine from oxidation

Dust pollution, and oil and water can be used permanently, thus reducing the maintenance cost of mining machines.

If it is necessary to restore miners for sale, it is only necessary to restore miners' fans by ultrasonic cleaning in the factory.

The costs required for the transformation of liquid cooled mining machine mainly include: special silicone paper, coolant (transformer oil/insulation

Oil), boxes for placing liquid cooled mining machines, labor costs, etc.

The specific cost of the transformation of the liquid cooled mining machine depends on the specific transformation situation. You can consult our

Business details.




Whatsminer M31S series is the latest high computing power and cost-effective mining machine launched by MicroBT, which can compete with S19. Like other M series of Whatsminer, it also has a variety of computing power and a variety of power consumption. The most common computing power is 72T to 78T (±5%).

This series uses 8nm chips, providing higher computing power and lower power consumption, as well as high stability




Brand Whatsminer
Model M31S
Algorithm SHA-256
Rated Hashrate 70~82TThash/s±5%
Rated Power 3220W~3772W
Production currency BTC
Working temperature -5~35
Mining machine type ASIC
Material Metal
country of origin China
Manufacturer Whatsminer
Encryption yes
Condition New/Used
Shape rectangle
Cooling type fan
Color silver





model Rated Hashrate Power ratio Rated Power
M31S 74T 46W/T 3404W
M31S 76T 46W/T 3496W
M31S 78T 46W/T 3588W
M31S 80T 44W/T 3520W
M31S 82T 44W/T 3608W
M31S 84T 44W/T 3696W
M31S+ 78T 42W/T 3276W
M31S+ 80T 42W/T 3360W
M31S+ 82T 42W/T 3444W




1. What to do after receiving the machine?

  • When unpacking, please record the whole process. After unpacking, first, check the mining machine.

  • Check whether the appearance of the whole machine is deformed or damaged, whether the fan and connecting wire are damaged.

  • Check whether the control board, hashrate board, and heat sink have fallen off.

  • If you encounter the above abnormalities, please take pictures or record videos first and keep the evidence.

2. Are there any precautions?

  • If the chassis is deformed or the heat sink has fallen off, please do not turn on the power, you need to contact us for after-sales treatment immediately.

  • Cannot use two power supplies with the same hashrate board.

3. Are the prices on the product map up to date?

  • The price of the product fluctuates with the market, and the price on the product map is a rough range. If you want the latest price, please contact us via email or WhatsApp. We will send you the latest quotation.




We have 2 BTC mining farms built by ourselves, have our professional operation and maintenance personnel, and cooperate with multiple maintenance centers. Before the mining machine is shipped to you, we will test the mining machine and send the test video to you to ensure that the mining machine in your hands can operate normally and minimize the loss of transportation.


liquid cooled miner/oil cooled miner ASIC SHA-256 Microbt Whatsminer M31s+ M31S 70-82T For BTC Bitcoin Miner 0


liquid cooled miner/oil cooled miner ASIC SHA-256 Microbt Whatsminer M31s+ M31S 70-82T For BTC Bitcoin Miner 1



Please provide us with detailed and correct receiving information for a smooth transaction.

If you have any problems with the machine when you receive the goods, please contact us in time and we will help you.

If you have any suggestions and needs in the follow-up, please contact us.


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