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liquid cooled miner/oil cooled miner Bitmain S19PRO 110T Antminer BTC Miner SHA256 BTC BCH Bitcoin Machine 3250W

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Antminer liquid cooled miner/oil cooled miner
Model Number: S19PRO 110T
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Stages
Price: $4000-$11000/Negotiable
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 7~14 work days
Payment Terms: USDT
Supply Ability: 100 PIECES/DAY
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Detail Information

Product Name: Antminer S19PRO 110T Algorithm: SHA 256
Rated Hashrate: 110TH/S,±5% Rated Power: 3250W,±5%
Power Ratio: 29.5J/TH,±5 Machine Size: 370mm*195.5mm*290mm
Weight: 13.2kg Production Currency: BTC/BCH

Product Description


 liquid cooled miner/oil cooled miner Bitmain S19PRO 110T Antminer BTC Miner SHA256 BTC BCH Bitcoin machine mining 3250W



Transformation of liquid cooled miner/oil cooled miner:



The traditional air cooled mining machine can be transformed into a liquid cooled or oil cooled mining machine to truly isolate noise and realize "silent mining". because


The reformed mining machine does not use fan, water curtain and fan to dissipate heat, but uses liquid velocity to carry away heat energy. If


If family conditions permit, mining can be carried out at home without disturbing residents.



Liquid cooled or oil cooled miners do not need to consider power supply, and all types of miners can operate under this liquid cooled or oil cooled system. It can


The temperature of the mining machine is controlled by the water volume and flow rate to make the mining machine run more smoothly and


Avoid wire breakage due to high temperature. At the same time, with modified silicone paper, the mining machine can be overclocked





Because the liquid cooled special oil can insulate the mining machine and prevent the mining machine from oxidation


Dust pollution, and oil and water can be used permanently, thus reducing the maintenance cost of mining machines.



If it is necessary to restore miners for sale, it is only necessary to restore miners' fans by ultrasonic cleaning in the factory.



The costs required for the transformation of liquid cooled mining machine mainly include: special silicone paper, coolant (transformer oil/insulation


Oil), boxes for placing liquid cooled mining machines, labor costs, etc.



The specific cost of the transformation of the liquid cooled mining machine depends on the specific transformation situation. You can consult our


Business details.





The appearance of the whole S19PRO machine, integrated power supply all-in-one design, front and rear parallel dual fans exhaust air cooling, dual 10A power interface. Can stand or lie down. The size of the mining machine is 370x195.5x290mm, and the weight of the whole machine is 13.2kg. The Antminer S19 Pro 110T is equipped with a newly designed APW12 power supply. antminer s19pro 110th new APW12 power supply also uses two 10A power cables for power supply, and the dual input can reduce the number of input wires. Safety risks such as socket heating, the mine can use it without replacing the 10A socket. The volume of the entire power supply is larger than that of the previous series, and the heat dissipation channel is enlarged. Three fans are used to supply air to provide active heat dissipation for the power supply. The size of the fan has been updated from the 40mm fan of the S17 series to 60mm. The benefit is that the fan speed is reduced. , the power failure rate also decreased,
The firmware of the Antminer S19 Pro 110T is newly designed. The mining machine starts up very quickly, and the process of self-checking and frequency modulation is optimized. After setting the mining pool, the mining will start immediately (about two minutes), and the Antminer S19 Pro 110T has been tested for more than 24 hours. The following data is obtained:
The air inlet temperature (room temperature) is 25 degrees, the air inlet humidity is 64%, and the air outlet temperature is 35.2 degrees; the air outlet humidity is 40%; the power outlet temperature is 31.8 degrees; the temperature between the power supply and the mining machine is 26.6 degrees. Antminer S19 Pro 110T power consumption is 3229W.




Algorithm SHA 256
Rated Hashrate 110TH/S,±5%
Rated power 3250W,±5%
Power ratio 29.5J/TH,±5%
Machine size 370mm*195.5mm*290mm
Weight 13.2kg
Production currency BTC/BCH
Power connector 9*6PIN interface
Internet connection Ethernet
noise 75dB





Q: Are there any precautions?

A: The case is deformed or the heat sink is falling off, please do not power on

Cannot use two power supplies with the same hash board

Due to the different power plugs in different countries and regions, please pay attention to the power difference when purchasing and using the miner


Q: Are the prices on the product map up to date?

A: The price of the product fluctuates with the market, and the price on the product map is a rough range. If you want the latest price, please contact us via email or WhatsApp. We will send you the latest quotation.


Q: Can I return or exchange goods?

A: After the buyer has paid the deposit or payment, it cannot be returned or exchanged. If the product is within the warranty period, the buyer can contact the original factory for after-sales service.





Each machine will be tested for computing power before it is sent out, and after the test is completed, it will be individually packaged and sent out.

We will send out the machine within 7~14 working days after you make the payment.


liquid cooled miner/oil cooled miner Bitmain S19PRO 110T Antminer BTC Miner SHA256 BTC BCH Bitcoin Machine 3250W 0

liquid cooled miner/oil cooled miner Bitmain S19PRO 110T Antminer BTC Miner SHA256 BTC BCH Bitcoin Machine 3250W 1




We have 2 BTC mining farms built by ourselves, have our own professional operation and maintenance personnel, and cooperate with multiple maintenance centers. Before the miner is shipped to you, we will test the miner and send you the test video.


liquid cooled miner/oil cooled miner Bitmain S19PRO 110T Antminer BTC Miner SHA256 BTC BCH Bitcoin Machine 3250W 2

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