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Bear Market Mining Solution Strategy Suggestion

August 9, 2022

Latest company case about Bear Market Mining Solution Strategy Suggestion

From May to June, 2022, the price of btc has shrunk seriously, and the computing power of the whole network has also dropped from 241EH/s to about 205EH/s, a decrease of 15% of the base. In standard mining farms, small and medium-sized mining machines can no longer be turned on; based on the current currency price of $19,000, if it falls by another 20%, large-scale mining machines like the S19 will also face the risk of shutdown.
In addition to waiting for the overall price reduction of mining machines, if you want to continue to participate in mining activities in the current bear market situation, you must first make a reasonable plan for your principal, then choose the right product according to your electricity resources, and finally, miner friends We can consider adjusting the air-cooled mining solution to liquid-cooled mining.

Reasonable allocation of funds:

First of all, miners friends need to change from the legal currency standard to the currency standard, and make a reasonable investment allocation based on the principle that the currency is better than the currency speculation in the bear market. Choosing the currency is to wait for the arrival of the next bull market. To survive the bear market, when investing in mining, you must not only choose the right machine, but also have enough funds to deal with the problem of paying electricity bills. If you use the mined coins to offset electricity bills, you may not have an ideal income , The company's suggestion is to keep a part of the funds to pay the electricity bill, and the mined coins can be sold when the electricity bill is insufficient, and the remaining coins will wait for the arrival of the next bull market.

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Electric resources:

Since electricity prices vary in different countries and regions, miners should also choose machines that are suitable for local electricity prices. For Innosilicon T2T series, if it is a normal electricity price, you can choose a machine with medium computing power, such as Whatsminer M21, M21S, Avalon A1066, etc. If it is a high-priced electricity, in order to quickly recover the cost, you should try to choose a machine with large computing power , such as Ant S19, S19PRO, Avalon A1246 and other machines.

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Liquid-cooled mining:

At present, due to some national policy reasons, and in recent years, the continuous progress of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things, blockchain and other technologies has put forward higher and higher requirements for the performance and integration of electronic information equipment. The problems of high thermal density and huge energy consumption have also come one after another. The acceleration of the digitalization process and the "dual carbon" commitment have made the construction of green data centers a general trend. The immersion liquid cooling implemented by our company relies on energy saving, environmental protection, safety and low consumption. Such core advantages will become the mainstream cooling method in the future.

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Traditional air-cooled mining has many limitations. For example, the uneven heat exchange of hot and cold air will form local hot spots, and in order to eliminate these hot spots, it will cause excessive cooling and additional energy consumption, requiring a lot of space to place air conditioners, racks and Air supply channels, resulting in a large footprint and low deployment density. The uninterrupted operation mode all year round results in waste of natural cooling sources, which is not conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection. Compared with air cooling, liquid cooling mining has the following advantages:

Ultra-quiet: The cooling system of the mining machine changes from the cooling of fans, fans, and water curtains to the liquid flow rate to take away heat, so as to truly isolate the noise source. For example, if there are fluid water sources in the mining environment, such as rivers, reservoirs, etc., No need to consider the noise caused by the circulating cooling water system, in this case, people can sleep peacefully next to the running miner.
Super Compatibility: Regardless of the power supply issue, all models of miners can run under the liquid cooling system.
Super stable: The temperature of the miner can be controlled to avoid high temperature protection by adjusting the flow rate of the water; the special oil can better protect the miner and reduce the instability or decrease of the computing power caused by the depreciation and loss of the hardware of the miner, and both oil and water can Permanent use.
Ultra-high residual value: The special oil plays an oxidation protection and dustproof effect on the mining machine as a whole. If the mining machine needs to be resold for a second time, it only needs to be cleaned by ultrasonic waves in the factory to restore the fan of the mining machine.
Ultra-low cost: The liquid cooling technology can support the transformation and operation of a single mining machine, and it is enough to add a machine and a transformation package, without the need for systematic costs.
Overclocking computing power: By controlling the flow rate and modifying the silicone paper to control the temperature of the mining machine, the computing power overclocking between 5% and 20% can be achieved.

Compared with water cooling and oil cooling, the technology of liquid cooling mining on the market may not be popular enough, but it already has the potential to become an important cooling technology in the future.

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