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BTN is committed to building the most valuable NFT aggregation platform for the Bitcoin community

April 21, 2022

Latest company news about BTN is committed to building the most valuable NFT aggregation platform for the Bitcoin community

NFT is the abbreviation of NonFungibleToken (non-fungible token), which is essentially a digital asset. NFT is deployed on the blockchain through smart contracts, with unique openness, immutability and tradability. As an expanded field of digital economy, NFT will stimulate huge value potential under the combination of blockchain and metaverse. According to the DappRadar industry report, the NFT market has been showing a booming trend, starting from February 2021, NFTs began to explode, with a weekly transaction volume of more than 2 million US dollars, as of May, in less than three months In 2021, the total market value of large NFT projects has increased by as much as 2,000%, and the total value of NFT transaction volume in 2021 has exceeded $23 billion.

The BTM digital asset issued by the Bitcoin community launched the first ecological application sub-coin BTN, which was recently traded on the Binance Chain's Bing Exchange. BTN is mainly used in the NFT sector of the Bitcoin community, with a total of 21,000 pieces. By holding BTN to generate fragments, the fragments can be synthesized into different forms of NFT assets.
BTN and BTM empower each other. By adding BTM’s fund pool, BTN can be mined for free. 4% of BTM’s transaction tax and fees automatically flow into BTN’s contract fund pool, and the value of BTN generated every day is always smaller than the daily inflow to BTN The value of the BNB of the fund pool. This ensures that the BNB flowing into the capital pool is always greater than the value of BTN, and BTN can continue to spiral upward.

20% tax on BTN sales, 10% return to the BTN pot, and 10% buy back BTM, which is also conducive to raising BTM. Therefore, no matter whether the price of BTM rises or falls, we can continuously obtain the mining income of BTC and BTN, so that everyone will be willing to hold BTM, forming a consensus on BTM, and the value of BTM and BTN will continue to rise. BTN and BTM look after each other, promote each other, and jointly promote the implementation of NFT ecological applications in the Bitcoin community.

In the future, under the background that the construction of digital economy infrastructure will be more complete and digital scenarios will be more abundant, NFT contains greater opportunities and possibilities in the fields of data information services and industrial integration. At present, NFT projects are mainly concentrated in three fields: digital collectibles, game assets and virtual worlds, but the application scenarios of NFT can be divided into many sub-fields. With the integration of NFT ecology, Metaverse and DeFi, more ecological interactions will surely occur. BTN will build the most valuable NFT aggregation platform for the Bitcoin community.

Source:New technology wealth

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