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Ethereum Sepolia testnet has completed merge testing

July 7, 2022

Latest company news about Ethereum Sepolia testnet has completed merge testing

According to the news on the evening of July 6, Beijing time, the Ethereum Sepolia test network has been merged.

This is one of the test work before the merger of the Ethereum mainnet. The Sepolia testnet is a testnet running the PoW Ethash algorithm, and the EVM version used is an upgraded version of London.

Prior to the execution of the merger, the Sepolia testnet prioritized the launch of the Bepolia Permissioned Beacon Chain, and approved parties can become Bepolia running validators. The launch of the Bepolia permissioned beacon chain also directly marks the end of the permissionless proof-of-work phase. The Bepolia testnet will go live on June 20. It was forked from the current upgraded version of the beacon chain, Altair.

In this way, the Sepolia testnet represents London’s upgraded Ethereum mainnet, while the Bepolia permissioned beacon chain represents the Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain that is now running.

Sepolia already appears to be the primary testbed for Ethereum 2.0.

Let's look at the data of the two networks in detail.

latest company news about Ethereum Sepolia testnet has completed merge testing  0

According to Sepolia etherscan, the testnet is merged at block height 1450408, the time is UTC, 1:58:01 on July 6th, which is 9:58 pm on July 6th, Beijing time. After the merger, the original distribution The block reward for miners has been processed by -2, the miner's block reward is 0, and the block difficulty has not been adjusted instantaneously at this time, and it still maintains the block difficulty of 161842208697.

latest company news about Ethereum Sepolia testnet has completed merge testing  1

Therefore, in the next block 1450409, the block generation time increased from 7 seconds to 35 seconds, and the block generation difficulty of the next block has become 0 (the block generation difficulty is also calculated from the block generation).

After the merger, because the execution gas fee is obtained by the node participating in the download and execution of the client, that is, the Sepolia test network node, so in the next block 1450410, because there are 6 transfer transactions and 1 internal call of the contract, the block producing node obtains 0.07ETH gas fee.

When the network is not congested, the gas price unit of the test network has been kept at 7wei, and the gas price is extremely low.

Source: Golden Finance

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