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Liquid cooling is a must for big manufacturers

September 27, 2022

Latest company news about Liquid cooling is a must for big manufacturers

The prospect of liquid cooling technology has become a broad consensus among manufacturers. Manufacturers including Sugon, Alibaba, Inspur, etc. have entered the market one after another, and some manufacturers have achieved industry-leading liquid cooling technology.

Ali recently launched a single-phase immersion liquid cooling solution - Panjiu Immersion DC 1000, which combines green liquid cooling technology with a computing power platform to achieve the efficient integration of infrastructure cooling capacity with servers and network equipment and overall delivery, reducing overall energy consumption. can be significantly reduced.

Sugon is one of the earliest manufacturers engaged in the research and development of data center liquid cooling technology in China. It has built the first standardized liquid cooling data center in China, which has been running stably for 7 years and more than 2,500 days.

It is understood that Sugon liquid cooling technology of Zhongke began to explore as early as 2011. After the development stages of "cold plate liquid cooling technology" and "immersion phase change liquid cooling technology", the world's first large-scale immersion phase change liquid cooling technology was realized in 2019. Commercialization of cold projects.

Up to now, Sugon has more than 60 liquid cooling core patents, and has deployed tens of thousands of liquid cooling nodes, ranking first in the domestic market share. Compared with traditional air-cooled data centers, many liquid-cooled data centers built by Sugon are one The annual power saving can reach 200 million kWh.

The physical world and the digital world have a common foundation—carbon. When the two worlds interact more and more frequently, green and low-carbon becomes the unanimous demand. Just like the historical evolution of the computing industry, the computing power increases exponentially, and the heat dissipation capacity must also be improved. Leap, liquid cooling technology is not a theory in the laboratory, but a practice that occurs deeply in application scenarios. The accumulation of manufacturers in the field of liquid cooling technology just fits with the background of the dual-carbon era. I believe that when the computing power is approaching or entering the next era, Liquid cooling is bound to take center stage.

Source: Extra Big Cow

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