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Liquid Cooled Asic BTC Mining Machine 71TH Overclocking Power Oil Cooling

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Liquid-cooled mining machine
Model Number: Universal mining machine
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Stages
Price: Negotiable
Delivery Time: 7~10 working days
Payment Terms: USDT
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Detail Information

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Liquid cooled Asic BTC mining machine


Overclocking power Asic BTC Miners


71TH Asic BTC Miner

Product Description







From May to June, 2022, the price of BTC has shrunk seriously, and the computing power of the whole network has also dropped from 241EH/s


to about 205EH/s, a decrease of 15% of the base. In standard mining farms, small and medium-sized mining machines can no longer be turned


on; based on the current currency price of 19,000, if it falls by another 20%, large-scale mining machines like the S19 will also face the risk of



In addition to waiting for the overall price reduction of mining machines, miners friends need to seek lower-priced electricity resources on the one


hand, and on the other hand, they need to consider adjusting the air-cooled mining solution to liquid-cooled mining.








Super sound-off:



The cooling system of the mining machine changes from the heat dissipation of fans, fans, and water curtains to the liquid flow rate to take away


heat energy, which is truly isolated from noise and sound sources. The noise caused by the cooling water system, in this case, people can sleep


peacefully next to the running mining machine.



Super compatible:



Regardless of the power supply issue, all models of miners can run under the liquid cooling system.



Ultra stable:



Adjusting the flow rate of water can control the temperature of the mining machine to avoid high temperature protection; the special oil can better


protect the mining machine, reduce the instability or decrease of computing power caused by the depreciation and loss of the mining machine


hardware, and both oil and water can be used permanently.



Very high residual value:



The special oil plays an oxidation protection and dustproof effect on the mining machine as a whole. If the mining machine needs to be resold for


a second time, it only needs to be cleaned by ultrasonic waves in the factory to restore the fan of the mining machine.



Ultra low cost:



The liquid cooling technology can support the transformation and operation of a single mining machine, and it is enough to add a machine and a


transformation package, without the need for systematic costs.



Overclocking power:



By controlling the flow rate and modifying the silicone paper to control the temperature of the mining machine, the overclocking power between


5% and 20% can be achieved.








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