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Canaan Avalon Liquid Cooled Miner Machine A1246 90T 3420W Oil Cooling

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Canaan Avalon A1246 90T
Model Number: A1246 90T
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Stages
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 7~14 work days
Payment Terms: USDT
Supply Ability: 100 PIECES/DAY
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Detail Information

Product Name: Canaan Avalon A1246 90T Algorithm: SHA 256
Rated Hashrate: 90TH/S Machine Size: 331mm*195mm*292mm
Weight: 12.8kg Power Ratio: 38J/T
Rated Power: 3420W Production Currency: BTC,BCH
High Light:

Canaan Avalon Liquid Cooled Miner


3420W Liquid Cooled Miner


A1246 Liquid Cooled Miner machine

Product Description

Canaan Avalon A1246 90T 3420W Liquid Cooled Replacement Air Cooled Miner


Product Description:

On September 21, 2020, Canaan released the new Avalon model A1246, with a computing power of 90T, a power consumption of 3420W, and an energy efficiency ratio of 38J/T. This is Avalon's first model with a large computing power of 90T, which will greatly meet the market demand for mining machines with large computing power and low energy efficiency ratio. At the same time, when evaluating the performance of mining machines, computing power determines the amount of coins. , while the energy efficiency ratio is related to the overall profitability of the machine. Therefore, when A1246 increases the computing power, it reduces the energy efficiency ratio to 38T/J, which is also one of the few machines on the market with an energy efficiency ratio below 40J/T. A1246 continues the general-purpose hardware design of the A11 series. Many optimizations have been made in deployment and use. At the same time, Avalon explores platform-based product design and strives to upgrade the mining experience in all aspects from core performance indicators, product packaging, body materials, internal structure design, security and customer service.



Avalon attaches great importance to the security of the machine, upgraded the firmware of the machine, strengthened the original anti-tamper mechanism, built the AI chip K210 in the main control board of the machine, analyzed the fluctuation of computing power through intelligent algorithms, adjusted the fan speed and identified Potential network attacks and loopholes will stabilize the computing power within a reliable range to prevent loss of computing power. At present, this is the only one that can achieve this level of safety.


Power Cable:

Each miner is equipped with a high-quality RJ45 interface network cable. If the network cable is too poor, it is easy to interfere with the data transmission and affect the stability. The operating power of the 1246 high-power mining machine is relatively high, reaching more than 3000w, and the mining machine is equipped with a 16A power cord. You need to bring your own 16A socket socket.


Air-cooled operation test:

Tested in the summer temperature environment, after the mining machine is started, the computing power quickly reaches 90T in a short time, the fan speed is about 6800 rpm, and the average computing power is 90.05T in long-term operation. The maximum computing power is nearly 105T, and the minimum computing power is about 78T. There is no major fluctuation in long-term operation. In terms of noise, when the mining machine is running stably and the fan speed is about 6800 rpm, it is about 93.1dB measured at a distance of 20CM from the mining machine. , In terms of temperature, when the background temperature shows that the inside of the miner is 31 degrees, the air inlet is measured at 26.3 degrees. In general, the operation is stable, the front and rear fans are highly efficient for heat dissipation, the self-adjusting mining guard system, and the computing power is sufficient for long-term operation. 90T, the same as the official parameters.


Liquid cooling retrofit:

The basic principle of liquid-cooled mining is that the heat generated by the mining machine’s computing power board is transferred to the oil during use, and the oil exchanges heat through the heat exchanger to maintain the temperature of the mining machine at a low temperature.

There are two main factors affecting the constant temperature, one is the water and the local ambient temperature, and the other is the flow rate. The faster the flow rate, the lower the temperature.
Regarding the materials needed for the transformation, there are transformer oil, heat-dissipating silicone grease, custom-made cabinets, etc. The company provides remote guidance and on-site installation guidance (reimbursement of travel expenses); provides services such as customer mining machine testing and ash cleaning.

Canaan Avalon Liquid Cooled Miner Machine A1246 90T 3420W Oil Cooling 0


Advantages of liquid cooling miners:

Ultra-quiet: The cooling system of the mining machine changes from the cooling of fans, fans, and water curtains to the liquid flow rate to take away heat energy, which is truly isolated from the noise source.
Super Compatibility: Regardless of the power supply issue, all models of miners can run under the liquid cooling system.
Super stable: By adjusting the flow rate of water, the temperature of the miner can be controlled to avoid high temperature protection; the special oil can better protect the miner and reduce the instability or decrease of the computing power caused by the depreciation and loss of the hardware of the miner, and both oil and water can Permanent use.
Ultra-high residual value: The special oil plays an oxidation protection and dustproof effect on the mining machine as a whole. If the mining machine needs to be resold for a second time, it only needs to be cleaned by ultrasonic waves in the factory to restore the fan of the mining machine.
Ultra-low cost: The liquid cooling technology can support the transformation and operation of a single mining machine, and it is enough to add a machine and a transformation package, without the need for systematic costs.
Overclocking computing power: By controlling the flow rate and modifying the silicone grease to control the temperature of the mining machine, the computing power overclocking between 5% and 20% can be achieved.




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